Understanding the business drivers

We recognize that every industry faces a unique set of challenges when it comes to meeting the ever increasing demand to scale and reach customers across the globe. Regulatory compliance, service continuity, data integrity and data availability are all part of today’s business environment. Discover how we leverage partnerships and the latest in technology to build unique solutions for specific industries.


Financial Services


THERE IS NO QUESTION THAT CHANGE IS UPON US. The first change comes from the next generation of consumers. Young consumers are coming to the market with different expectations. Instead of technology being used to hold them captive, they expect service providers to use technology to empower them to determine not only how services will be provided, but what services will be provided. Just consider how today people prefer to use their Facebook name to identify themselves to new sites on the Internet, showing how the power gradually moves into their hands.

Get ready for the next 2+ billion people who today have no access to financial services, and resort to cash for all transactions. The traditional banking system has all but ignored them, as they don’t fit the established business model of the banks. The challenge for financial institutions today is now to access these new consumers, as many of these customers are in rural areas without access to traditional banking coverage (branches and ATMs). However, a large majority of them have a mobile phone, a very powerful instrument not just for communication but for enabling financial transactions anywhere, anytime. This explains why the telecommunication companies are increasingly seen as instrumental in making financial services available to the unbanked.

Smartphones are revolutionizing how we access and consume financial services - customers demand a seamless and integrated view of their financial assets. One identity, one user interface to view and make critical decisions about my assets.

Let us help you figure out the highest value opportunities - where can you maximize return on investment and how to maximize user enablement.

Transportation & Logistics

redefining how goods & services are moved

New transportation, distribution, and logistics technology make it easier than ever to deliver shipments while managing schedules, routes, and hazards on the go. These technologies can provide real-time tracking and insights to help you make faster, more informed decisions. The result? More efficient operations better service for your customers, and new opportunities across the supply chain to deliver value-add.


Delivering products on time and in great condition is what makes the difference. That's what builds customer loyalty and competitive advantage. Asset Tracking solutions provide increased visibility into your operations, so you can be more efficient and find new ways to contain costs. Keep projects and deliveries on schedule, and bring your customers up to speed with access to real-time status tracking.


You send your assets out on the road every day. But even when your drivers and vehicles are on the go, you can still keep them informed and safe. Fleet Management solutions help you track vehicles, monitor driver behaviors, and run vehicle diagnostics. Collect real-time data to remotely manage schedules, delivery routes, and potential hazards. And see how on-time service delivery and faster response times can lead to improved customer service and increased revenues.

We can help you dramatically enhance your value to customers by incorporating proven technologies to build loyalty and competitive advantage.



Telecom & IT Service Providers

a new breed of value added services

The Telecom market has experienced unprecedented change over the past five years, driven by evolving consumer behaviour and an increasingly converged world. The new digital world has changed the way in which consumers use their devices, make calls and send texts and leverage advanced mobile applications. Increasingly, users are much more savvy about using wifi to access these services, rather than via mobile networks.  As a result, payment models have changed dramatically, leading to reduced margins for mobile operators. Unless traditional telcos look to reap back these revenues from additional streams, the environment will become even more challenging.

Increasingly, new threats come form nimble start up companies, without the legacy of an aging infrastructure to maintain.  Using CLOUD-BASED SOFTWARE AS A SERVICE offerings for commodity functions (i.e., conferencing soft-PBX services, backup services), allows them to focus on developing really innovative offerings. Lets conduct a rapid diagnostic to create an end-state vision of the possibilities that new technologies provide to deliver a new suite of value added services

Oil & Gas

Making a difference

Advanced information and communication technologies can dramatically improve operating efficiency while ensuring responsible development that is performed at lower cost.

Document imaging, electronic data management and geo data bases including seismic data and software, well log digitizing and scanning are just some examples where technology is greatly improving operating efficiency and accuracy.

Through partners we can evaluate Information management and GIS solutions for your upstream operations. Too, we can evaluate geophysical and GIS solutions for data handling activities such as scanning, digitizing and vectorizing seismic data and well logs.

Whether you need to develop an IT strategy, design an enterprise information model, build a business case for an IT project, or manage execution, we can help.