A typical IT shop keeps real-time systems running, services internal customers, delivers core systems, and manages operations and security. However, what businesses need most from IT is the ability to support social, mobile, analytics, Cloud-based solutions and all back-end systems working together to support constantly changing customer demands across channels.

The emerging technology architecture is complex, often requiring a combination of vendors, solutions and service providers.

Across the industry, CIOs are busy maintaining their decades-old legacy systems while locked in an arms race against increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks and a shifting stream of new technology requests from the business. One week the business asks to explore in-store mobile payments; the next week the priority shifts to aggregating customer data across channels.

These CIOs and the IT organizations are racing against time to build these new digital capabilities while seamlessly integrating these with legacy environments that run the business. Having the right insight and underlying technology architecture are vital to success.

Our service oriented approach (SOA) helps organizations transform their IT infrastructure to one that is composed of services that can be assembled, orchestrated, and re-used. Service virtualization abstracts the complexity of heterogeneous application platforms, while a 'bus-architecture" extends high performance and scalability equally across various business areas including those that are customer-facing. 

Let us help you identify various technology scenarios, transformation strategies and priorities to enable the creation of new customer connections.